The Brownie Project

Oct 19th
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One Man's Treasure

Think you're going to get away for a weekend with some fresh-baked brownies?  Already imagining the warm reception you'll get with your heavenly confections?  Planning on how best to savor every bit, from your first delectable bite to the smallest of final crumbs?

Not so fast.  You can't turn your back, not even to grab a sweatshirt. (But planes are always so cold!) The girls will be there, and they will steal your brownies.

"It's not even fair anymore!" the victim complained. "They're climbing in my windows and snatching my brownies up!  It's like no brownies are safe."

The claim, though bold, does seem to ring true.  Despite a few requests to the twittersphere and to my network of friends on Facebook, I have yet to corroborate a single story of brownies going un-thieved.  These girls are batting a thousand and not slowing down.

It's a menace.

It has to be stopped.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 August 2012 17:14 )  

Brownie Bandits Penetrating PA

A local middle school teacher who requested to remain anonymous called police Saturday to report two recent thefts of her homemade brownies. The first disappearance occurred some time between 11:46 a.m. and 12:27 p.m. on Thursday. Havi...