The Brownie Project

Oct 19th
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Brownie Thieves are Among Us!

Bernard McGillicuddy - Staff

Brownie Thieves!Attacking again, Brownie Thieves took advantage of our consumer culture to do a little consuming of their own.

Unfortunate Baker Jeff Pedersen was un-hooking his outdated tube-style TV when the crime occurred.  He claims not to have seen or heard anything, but instead sensed that something was amiss.  "I got a sudden sinking feeling in my stomach - it was a little like being sick," he told police called to the scene to investigate.

Left behind in the wake of the Thieves' work were the typical, paltry clues, an empty television box, some crumbs and a crushed dream.  "I'm not even that sad about the television, honestly - it's the idea that a perfectly-baked pan of brownies is now gone that gets to me more than anything.  I was looking forward to watching Carpe Noctem and eating brownies, though," the victim mused.

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