The Brownie Project

Oct 19th
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Home Research

The Brownie Den

This is a re-creation of the inside of a Brownie Den created from a first-person account and liberal imaginative thinking.  We're working on securing an interview with the world's only known former brownie thief, but that's a topic for another day.

Note how the Thieves always work in pairs.  Note, also the tight security at the Den itself - no one can just come and go at will.  The Basement staircase provides excellent defensive positioning, should the need arise.

Other things of note:

  • The kitchen is strewn with half-complete brownie creations
  • A cluster of laptops scans the ether for intel on recipes and on those making new batches
  • The Planning Room
  • The exterior of the house seems innocuous to attract no attention

The Planning room is a feature that we discussed at length - all the girls in the house had to agree on the plan for any upcoming assignment.  They apparently take pride in their perfect operational record.


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Brownie Bandits Penetrating PA

A local middle school teacher who requested to remain anonymous called police Saturday to report two recent thefts of her homemade brownies. The first disappearance occurred some time between 11:46 a.m. and 12:27 p.m. on Thursday. Havi...


Brownie Thieves in Action

Mom's Tips


* Do not bake brownies while alone, but if you must, while they are fresh, keep all your doors and windows locked.
* Never disclose your baking plans to mere acquaintances.
* Never use an exhaust fan while baking brownies. The delicious fumes could travel throughout the neighborhood and attract unscrupulous thieves.
* Beware of beautiful young girls traveling in pairs and wearing black.