The Brownie Project

Apr 21st
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One Man's Treasure

One Man's Treasure

Think you're going to get away for a weekend with some fresh-baked brownies?  Already imagining the warm reception you'll get with your heavenly confections?  Planning on how best to savor every bit, from your first delectable bite to the smallest of...

Pastoral Peace Postponed

Pastoral Peace Postponed

No matter how far you go from civilization, you can never escape the brownie thieves.


Brownie Picnic

Brownie Picnic

Bernard McGillicuddy - Staff

Think it's safe to go to the park with your girlfriend?

Think a...

Brownie Thieves are Among Us!

Brownie Thieves are Among Us!

Bernard McGillicuddy - Staff

Attacking again, Brownie Thieves took advantage of our consume...



This poor guy tried to bring brownies home and got garroted for his trouble.

Without a team...




This website has exclusive, ultra-rare footage of Brownie Thieves in action.  When we're unable to provide footage of the elusive criminals, we do re-creations as faithfully as possible.

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Brownie Bandits Penetrating PA

A local middle school teacher who requested to remain anonymous called police Saturday to report two recent thefts of her homemade brownies. The first disappearance occurred some time between 11:46 a.m. and 12:27 p.m. on Thursday. Havi...


Brownie Thieves in Action

Mom's Tips


* Do not bake brownies while alone, but if you must, while they are fresh, keep all your doors and windows locked.
* Never disclose your baking plans to mere acquaintances.
* Never use an exhaust fan while baking brownies. The delicious fumes could travel throughout the neighborhood and attract unscrupulous thieves.
* Beware of beautiful young girls traveling in pairs and wearing black.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to expose the conspiracy that's afoot to deprive hard-working people of their perfect pans of brownies.

When the police won't send detectives, when ABC won't send reporters, we're there to provide you an outlet for your story.